RIXOPTICUM develops spectroscopes with optical systems for high resolution visual observations from air with extended spectral bandwidth (VIS-SWIR) for civilian and military use. Spectroscopes can provide imaging in extra-long distances and they work in low light conditions. They are small and lightweight.

Higher optical resolution

  • Up to 100x higher optical resolution, 
  • High optical resolution over all image field,
  • Much better signal to noise ratio.

Light throughput ratio

  • High light throughput performance ~ 90%  compared to existing systems (~20%).
  • Our optical system has much better signal to noise ratio, what make sit operational also at regular weather conditions.
Broader wave lenght range
  • High optical power over all spectral range providing real low-light performance.  
  • Optical systems has broad  bandwidth (400-2500nm). 

One optical system used

  • One optical system for whole spectral range (VIS & SWIR without complicated integration of two or three separate pictures.